Nurse Practitioner Full Practice Authority

What do YOU need to know about the recently passed “Certified Nurse Practitioners – Authority to Practice” legislation in Maryland?

The FPA legislation repealed the attestation and adds a requirement for new applicants for certification (an applicant who has never been certified in Maryland or any other state) to name a mentor on their application for certification as a nurse practitioner.

The mentor is defined as a physician or nurse practitioner licensed in Maryland who has three or more years of clinical practice experience, and who will be available for advice, consultation, and collaboration, as needed, for 18 months beginning on the date an application is received by the Board of Nursing.

Governor Larry Hogan signs the Certified Nurse Practitioners – Authority to Practice.

The Maryland General Assembly has PASSED FULL PRACTICE AUTHORITY for NPs in Maryland!!! It will be signed by Governor Larry Hogan within the month! WAY TO GO NPAM!! ‪#‎FullPracticeAuthority

TITLE: Nurse Practitioner Full Practice Authority Act of 2015 SB 723/HB 999