Message from the President/Founder

 Welcome to our website of the National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners USA-DMV! We are a chapter under the National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners USA (NANNPU), a professional non-profit organization of advanced practice nurses of Nigerian origin in the United States of America.

NANNPU-DMV was founded in 2017, as a support group for these indigenous practitioners who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring a minimum of a Master’s degree in their different practice specialties.  Although an entity of its own, NANNPU-DMV is a proud affiliate of Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland (NPAM), a body that unites and represents different Maryland Nurse Practitioner organizations with one voice.

The quest for NANNPU-DMV is inclusiveness of Nigerian NP community in the Washington DC Metro area in elevating quality health care and education that is stretched with increasing demand for access to care. Also, believing that we could do more to help each other, become more knowledgeable of practice, professionalism, and other health care activities in the area. NANNPU-DMV is engrossed in initiative driven projects to harness full participation of members in our community.

Our mission focuses on empowering all Nigerian nurse practitioners to promote evidence- based, high quality and safe health care through practice, education, collaboration, advocacy, mentorship, scope-of-practice protection, research, and leadership. To attain this goal, members’ pool their intellectual resources and clinical skills together through conferences, seminars, workshops, and health fairs to offer solutions to community pressing issues for a better tomorrow.

Our functions: As an organization, we perform five vital functions:

  • Bring together indigenous Nigerian nurse practitioners in the USA.
  • Support, mentor and educate one another and students as they transition into new roles.
  • Promote the standards of nurse practitioner practice, education, and profession as established by AANP.
  • Collaborate with other entities while engaging in Medical Missions and Health Fairs in the communities we serve.
  • Finally, support NANNPU programs through grant acquisitions, donations, and fundraising events.

Given the structure of our entity as a 501 c 3 organizations, it is my intent to present to you the achievements of our young organization thus far:

  • Served as preceptors and preceptor coordinators for more than 20 NP students through our mentorship program
  • Directed and served as references for more than 10 members in securing jobs
  • Participated in Maryland Association of Nigerian Physicians Health Fair in 2019
  • Donated items to three Women and Children Homeless centers in the area in 2018
  • Participate annually in Medstar Health Large-scale Community Health Fair since 2017, with another one coming up next Saturday
  • Participated in the African-American Health Heritage Health Fair in conjunction with Montgomery County in 2017


Thank You!

Dr. Nikki Ezeani, DNP, MSN, APRN, ANP-C


The President