Who we are

National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners.

DMV Chapter

The National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners USA, (NANNPU-DMV) is an organization of advanced practice nurses of Nigerian origin resident in the United States of America. NANNPU-DMV is a state division of National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners in America (NANNPU). NANNPU started as a support group for Nigerian Nurse Practitioners in Dallas Fort worth under the initiative of one of its members, who after a recollection of personal experiences and limiting stories of other Nigerian NPs and students believes the Nigerian NP community could do more to help, while also becoming more knowledgeable of practice and other health care activities in their areas.

Cross-section of NANNPU DMV Members

Our Mission

To provide support for Nigerian nurse practitioners in the United States, and uplift advanced nursing practice while also providing and increasing access to healthcare services for the people of United States, Nigeria, and the world at large through health project initiatives. Active participation in community healthcare undertakings, and collaborations with other entities toward healthier nations.

Our Vision

To be a recognized healthcare provider advocacy group upon which a national government, such entities as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), and some private bodies could count on for primary healthcare improvement, especially for the under-served populations in developing countries.


  • To support Nigerian nurse practitioners and students as they transition into new roles.
  •  To collaborate with other global health care organizations in the delivery of health care services.
  •  To promote Evidence-based Practice through research and other scientific programs.
  • To engage in Medical Missions and Health Fairs in the communities we serve.
  •  To provide leadership in the promotion of Advanced Nursing Practice education in the United States and Nigeria.
  • To promote generation of funds through grant acquisitions, donations, and fundraising events to support NANNPU programs.
  • To organize and operate the association in accordance with its status and provisions of the Internal Revenue Service codes.

Statement of Purpose

The National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners USA (DMV) is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, and may not exclude contributions to organizations identified as exempt under section 501©(3) as stated in the internal Revenue Code, or any corresponding section of a future federal tax code.

To bring together indigenous Nigerian nurse practitioners in the US (DC-Maryland- Virginia) in a manner that would enable them to support and educate one another, to mentor their student members as they transition into new roles, and to generally uplift advanced nursing and public healthcare in Nigeria, United States, and the world at large.

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