National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners – DMV Chapter.

A unifying voice for all nurse practitioners from Nigeria practicing in the DMV.

The National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners USA, (NANNPU-DMV) is an organization of advanced practice nurses of Nigerian origin resident in the United States of America. NANNPU-DMV is a state division of National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners in America (NANNPU). NANNPU started as a support group for Nigerian Nurse Practitioners in Dallas Fort worth under the initiative of one of its members, who after a recollection of personal experiences and limiting stories of other Nigerian NPs and students believes the Nigerian NP community could do more to help, while also becoming more knowledgeable of practice and other health care activities in their areas.

Supporting COVID-19 Relief Effort in Maryland

Lending our support to Clinton and Kensignton Healthcare Center, Maryland.

We are supporting Nigerian NPs in the DMV!

Together, we can make a difference

Whether you are just beginning your NP education or retiring from the profession, NANNPU-DMV offers a membership category to meet your needs. NANNPU-DMV membership provides free education resources, up-to-date news on health care topics, advocacy at the national and state level, and the resources needed for professional growth.

An integral part of the mission of NANNPU-DMV is to provide educational opportunities for members, other NPs, and consumers. Educational opportunities will be in the form of Medical Newsletters, Conferences, updated information on other education events. NANNPU-DMV may provide opportunities for discounts on some external educational events.

Start a chapter in your State/City to help us achieve NANNPU’s mission and vision of NP support and healthcare access to the less privileged.
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Membership benefits and services include:
Help with your practice questions from our executive director and board of directors, a group of state and nationally recognized NP leaders.
Access to members-only information through our website, Facebook, weekly email updates, and interactive message board.

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NANNPU -DMV meetings/events bring together hundreds of nurse practitioners and other health care professionals from around the state. These events can provide ideal opportunities to reach your target audience. You can sponsor an event, advertise in printed event materials, and expand your reach by exhibiting or showcasing your products and services.

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You can support us by making a one time or recurring cash donation. Also you can sponsor our meetings, events or advertise with us. Click on the links below to get started.

Join us now as we empower Nigerian Nps in the DMV to achieve professional growth.

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